Friday, February 29, 2008

A Friend Comes to the Seminary

The Seminary has called the Rev. Brian Mosemann to be the new dean of students.  He replaces Rev. Timothy Puls after a 10 year run in that post.  Rev. Mosemann was my pre-seminary director at Concordia Chicago.  I’m happy that he has accepted and I look forward to having him in the Fort.  Blessings on your transition Mosemann!

A Visit Is Worth a Thousand Words

We just had a gentleman and his wife stop by for a seminary visit.  They were a very delightful couple.  I really enjoyed showing them around.  Originally from Indiana, he found and married his wife while studying at Concordia University Ann Arbor.  Our campus is very interesting place.  Even in the middle of a quarter break, it is still alive.  I would say there isn’t a place like it in the world.  And the best part about it: CTS belongs to the church.  It is your seminary.  If you are 5 years old or 85 years old…this is your seminary.  If you plan on being a pastor or if you don’t have any plan to change your career, this is your seminary.  AND it is alive as God uses ordinary means to form and shape future workers for his church. 


There is a lot of history with this campus.  Kramer Chapel towers over the upper plaza and the bell tower tolls the hour.  But most fascinating of all is that God takes poor miserable sinners and forms them into his servants.  From here into all the world, these pastors and deaconesses bring the Gospel to the lost and care for the God’s weak and sick. 


It’s a blessing to have such a place as Concordia Theological Seminary.  You really should stop by and take a look.  And if you can’t pray for the continued support of forming pastors and deaconesses for Christ’s church. 


The snow is falling in Fort Wayne again.  It is almost a whiteout at the seminary.  Of course it is a beautiful, but I just don’t want to go out in it.  When is spring gonna come??

Back in the Fort

To St. Louis and back and so I journeyed Wednesday and Thursday.  I was there talking about the synod’s upcoming Pastoral Education Month.  This yearly celebration of our synod occurs during the month of May.  There will be resources on the synod’s Web site and posters mailed to congregations.  Why?  Pastoral Education Month has been designated by the Synod’s Board of Directors to help educate the synod about the process of forming servants for Jesus Christ.  It encourages pastors and congregations in the processes of finding putting forth possible candidates for the seminary.  Also it provides a way to encourage financial support for the formation of the Lord’s workers.  Look forward to more information as this year’s celebration draws closer and closer.  Mark the calendar though…perhaps your church could have a Pastoral Education Sunday during the month of May.  Give me an email if you have any questions: steven[dot]cholak[at]ctsfw[dot]edu.