Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Holy Week

Wishing you a blessed holy week and a happy Easter.  The Lord has conquered by his cross and we are now alive with his blood.  Pax!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Texas in Fort Wayne

Stephanie and I have welcomed the Hardaways into our home this week.  They are from Houston...visiting the seminary.  Matthew is thinking of becoming a pastor.  It has been wonderful having old friends in town to enjoy some company.  I pray their visit was fruitful and that they have great travels home.  

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Concordia University

Dreyer and I have made it to Concordia University in St. Paul, MN. What a wonderful place. This is my first trip to CSP. Being a Concordia graduate (River Chicago), I love seeing another is like a bond. Have you visited any of our schools? Which ones?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Back in the Fort

I had a great time in Texas.  There was lots of warm weather and kind, loving Texans to share it with.  I was welcomed back to Fort Wayne with lots of snow and ice...what a horrible change from 65 and sunny.  And if that wasn't bad enough, tomorrow, I head to the great white north...Concordia Saint Paul.  The thing is...those people are warm and kind, it really isn't that bad.

Friday, March 7, 2008


Check out!  ...and if you can, go.

Recruit Houston: Stop #4

Well, I've come to my final stop.  Across the street from the Johnson Space Center, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church sits in the heart of Space City.  The former call of Pastor John Kieschnick, a member of the CTS board of regents, Pastor Greg Finke now preaches and teaches here.  The Associate Pastor, Lonnie Gonzoles, used to be the associate at Fishers of Men Lutheran Church in Sugarland, Texas while I was the vicar at Memorial Lutheran Church in Houston.  He set up my venue here...but alas he had to be out of town.  It would have been nice to catch up.  Tomorrow, I head back to the Fort...time to see my wife again, YIPEE!!

Music to the ears

My great friend and church musician, Cantor Janet Muth (of Memorial Lutheran Church and School) is gonna have lunch with me today.  Janet has done a great job leading both the church and school through the church's sacred music.  I'm glad to have an extra time slot to meet with her again.  Music has a special place in the heart of the church.  Humans love to sing.  Sometimes we hide it in the shower or in the car as we buzz down the freeway...but we can't help but sing, hum, or whistle.  And it is wonderful that the church is no different.  Our confession of faith is carried along in the arms of music's notes.  I suppose we love it because it fills rooms and resonates in our hearts long after we have made it home.  There are other reasons, too, but suffice it to say we love to live with music.  It is pretty crazy the kinds of music that appeal to us, too!  Whereas I couldn't even imagine hymns without an organ or piano - or perhaps church music without strings and brass - I love a good AC/DC rock out or to listen to the nuances of Metallica.  Rap and hip hop appeal to me, too.  And I just love big band.  What do you rock out to?

Recruit Houston: Stop #3

My third stop was St. Mark Lutheran Church in Conroe, Texas.  Pastor George Borghardt takes care of the youth there and took good care of me.  Had lunch with Pastor Jeff Ware and Borghardt...along with a prospective student.  Prayed evening prayer with the college youth and then taught on the Office of the Ministry.  We ended the day with dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  What a wonderful day and some great people.  Sorry, I didn't take any photos...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Recruit Houston: Stop #2

Stop number 2 is in the heart of the Galleria district, sometimes called Uptown.  This is where I met my beautiful and darling wife.  So there is a little bit of sentimental value to this stop.  Here are a couple photos of the church and their current construction project.  You can check up on Memorial Lutheran Church's building project at  Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Photo of Stop #1

With Angels and Archangels

Pastor Wayne Graumann of Salem Lutheran Church and School took me on a tour of their worship center this afternoon.  Take a look at this awesome altar...from the two angels in the book of Revelation, but it brings to mind the song of Isaiah 6, which we sing during the communion liturgy.  (BTW, he told me that the 50 foot pipes for the organ were built right into the poured concrete...which means that the low notes make the floor shake just like Isaiah 6.  WOW!)  A special thanks to Rev. Graumann, who also serves as the chairman of Concordia Theological Seminary's Board of Regents.  I was very happy with the extra time he took out of his busy day to spend with me.  And thanks to all the wonderful people of Salem.  

Recruit Houston: Stop #1

I made it to H-Town.  Such wonderful weather to greet me.  Very nice and 60-63 degrees.  I'm loving it.  My first stop for this recruiting trip is Salem Lutheran Church in Tomball.  I meet with Pastor Wayne Graumann and then meet with prospective students this afternoon.  Salem Lutheran Church is located just off FM2920 in the heart of Tomball.  Come on out and see me if you are in the area!  

Madagascar Photo

As I promised...a photo.  Here is Jacob Corzine with a lot of Malagsy children...  Jacob is a fourth year seminarian at Concordia Theological Seminary.


What would you say is the most innovative company in America and why?

Monday, March 3, 2008


A group from Concordia Theological Seminary just got back from the big island, Madagascar.  They seemed to have a great trip.  Six students and Professor Pless made the trek.  If you are a facebooker, go see Prof. Pless’s profile and check out the cool photos.  If not, I’ll try to get some of them here soon.  Welcome home, crew! 

Fly Like a Bird

I’m saying goodbye to the great white, wet, miserable north!  Well, at least for a couple of days and boy will I miss my wife.  But I’m going to Texas.  I’ll be in Houston for the next five days.  If you are around, come and say hello.  Salem Lutheran Church in Tomball, Memorial Lutheran Church and School in Houston, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Conroe, and Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Houston are my stops.  Give the church a call to find out when I’m there and come chat with me.  I’d love to visit with you.  Maybe by the time I get back it will be in the 60’s here…